Mike Fisher is currently the Cinematic Director for Project 007 at IO Interactive, having previously worked as an award winning freelance director, creating commercials and digital content for AAA brands and television channels.

His work focuses on beautiful aesthetics, emotional storytelling and strong visual narratives. 

Fisher began his career in post-production, having worked as an Editor, Post-Production Supervisor, Colourist and Visual Effects Supervisor. During this time, he worked on three feature films, as well as hundreds of hours of broadcast television. Now he combines his visual effects and motion-graphics knowledge with live action filmmaking to create visually rich work. 

Notable credits include Cinematic Direction of Hitman 3 Cutscenes (2020) the ITV World Cup titles (2018) which were seen by over 50 million people during its broadcast, and Digital Broadcast Award winning short film Last Words - an independent film reaching an online audience of 6.4 million. 

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